Cleaning Up [ePub]

by Patrice Fitzgerald

This is a 20,000 word novella set in the world of WOOL, published with author Hugh Howey's permission. Three more parts to come!


Five years have passed since the airlock slammed shut on the 4,000 souls condemned to live in the Silo.

Karma can remember now that there was a time before—before she was locked into this cylindrical tomb under the earth. But all she can see of the outside are dead hills and the dark clouds swirling through what remains of a toxic world.

She clings to this barren life not for herself but simply to keep her child safe… and to preserve the forbidden truths about what has been lost. Among the lost is her friend Andy, the first person sent out to Clean.

Sent out to die.

With every step and every stair, Karma vows to survive so that her memories of the world that once existed will live on in those who come after.



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