Diana [ePub]

by Brenda Ralph Lewis

Diana : An Extroadinary Life tells Diana's complete story from birth to her tragic death. With over 2000 colour pictures,newspaper cuttings, and even the original designer's sketches of the dresses they made for her, this is the Diana bible. Dividedinto four sectionsChronicle, In Fashion, The People's Princess and the Princess of Charitiesthe book covers every aspectof her life.Chronicle charts the childhood of a shy girl who became a princess, saw her fairytale marriage turn sour, then cast herself a new role before her final brief happiness, ended in tragedy.In Fashion reveals the secrets and inspiration behind the unique and widely mimicked style of Diana. It looks at the work of herdesigners and her instinct for style as well as her evening gowns, day wear, casual wear, hairstyles, jewellery and much more.The People's Princess shows the public face of Dianaat state occasions, with the Royal Family, on tour at home and abroad and in her generous and courageous work with the sick and needy.Diana was also patron, president or active volunteer with over 100 charities.Princess of charities provides a guide to the manycharitable organisations to which Diana gave her tireless and heartfelt support.



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