The Snog Log [ePub]

by Michael Coleman

A telethon? A readathon? No! A Snogathon was what Robbie, Daz, Greg, and Twilly had come up with to make their first semester, well…….. a bit more exciting.
Freshly into high school, four boys, Robbie, Daz, Twilly, and Greg come up with a contest, a snogging contest! With each snoggful encounter of every girl the four boys persuade into their “evil” sceme, credits will earned. The winner with the most credits at the end of their first term will get the jackpot of money that was put in with the rules of the contest before it had started. But what will happen when one of these girls finds out what they are up to? Will they seek revenge? I have enjoyed reading this book very much. I really liked how the book kinda went back and forth from boy to girl, to boy to girl, almost as if it is kind of like the boys vs. the girls. I also like how towards the end of the book the boys thought they had the girls wrapped around their fingers but it just so happened that girls knew more than they thought. The one thing out of the book that I didn’t like was how towards the middle of the book the story calmed down and was not as exciting like the beggining, but I appreciated how it started picking up speed towards the end.
If you were the type of person who liked more of real life high school genres then this book would be the one for you. I would recommend this book to more middle school audiences because the book had more teenaged type of auctions.​The Snog Log really kept me guessing!



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