Exiled (Exiled: A Tale Of Prepper Survival Book 2) [ePub]

by James Hunt

Limited water. Limited resources. No help. Brooke Fontanne has to find a way to cross the massive sea of sand that is the Mojave Desert. And with the Southwestern United States now exiled from the Union in wake of the water crisis the entire area is in chaos. Brooke is forced to battle not just the desert elements, but gangs and marauders looking to take whatever they want.

Political factions are at odds with each other as Mexico is greedily eyeing the now unclaimed territory. Some congressman are using the opportunity to further exploit resources that may lie elsewhere, with Congressman Jones leading the push.

Brooke is caught up in the cross hairs of both sides as the repercussions of Washington ripple through the country. The one light at the end of the tunnel is North Carolina, where her sister is waiting for her. She just has to survive the desert first.

James Hunt, author of the bestselling “Broken Lines” series that accumulated over 150 5-Star reviews on Amazon, brings you his next thrilling series.



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