Sam Certainly Can [ePub]

by Bridgitte Lesley

Samantha had a really bad day. It seemed to get worse and worse. Dan was there to pacify and sort everything out. Samantha and Dan had been dating for quite a while. She owned her own company manufacturing tin cans. Dan had given up a high powered position to join his son Brian in his business. They were both fully aware of their financial positions which really didn’t matter. They were head over heels in love with one another. What did matter was how his family would feel about Samantha. It was time to introduce them. Even if it had been such a bad day. The pub was the perfect venue. Samantha was a little younger than Dan. A lot younger really. Surprisingly enough the family gladly accepted her as one of them. As things progressed they drew closer and closer. Sam made a huge impact on the family. Things would change though and life would certainly be different. So different that they would not want to leave home.



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