Redemption for the Lost (Blood Brothers MC Book 3) [ePub]

by Amy Love

Kane has made his choice.
When Kane chose the club over her at Noel's influence, the decision seemed easy. But not a day goes by that he doesn't think he's made the wrong choice.

A storm will bring them together again
It's been two years since Kane rejected Angeline's ultimatum, but when her past suddenly comes to haunt her again, he's the only person that she can turn to for help.

They'll need all the help they can get
Angeline and Kane are on a race against time. The two must find a way to make the light of love outlast life's darkest trial, or suffer a consequence that neither of them can bear.


“You shouldn’t have come here,” Angeline said.

Racing to her side, Kane tried to bring her back to his eyes, but Angeline held her ground.

“You were doing fine before me,” she said. “You need to forget. I’m trouble, Kane. I’m—”

“Stop talking!” Kane pulled her away from the window, and she fell back in his chest as he stroked her hair and kissed her cheeks. “I came here to hold you,” he purred. “Just hold you.”

Wanting nothing more than to live in his embrace, Angeline pressed her body to his and tried to believe that everything could work itself out. She was nearly there when Kane’s fingers reached under her skirt and grazed her quaking thighs.



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