The Writings of A Puritan's Mind Volume 1 [ePub]

by William Tyndale

To study the writings and sermons of the Puritans is one of the most profitable religious exercises the elect-saint can undertake. Those likeminded saints from bygone eras should be regularly read to exercise the Spirit’s influence upon us through the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel they preached should be worked into our souls. Those Puritans, however, are not alone, for they stood on the shoulders of other men, reformers, who desired to see the world transformed by the Gospel of God. In this first volume, A Puritan’s Mind has collected ten individual unpublished writings that will be a blessing to the saint’s journey here on earth while Christ tarries. They are refreshment for the soul ministering the Balm that may aid the most wearied Christian, or the most seasoned saint. Writers include William Tyndale, Arthur Salwey, William Ames, John Wallis and many others.

This work is not a scan or a facsimile, and has an active table of contents.



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